We’ve all been here before haven’t we…January comes and we decide to improve on the person we’ve been for the last (insert age here) years, despite all evidence from previous years suggesting that it rarely makes a difference.

Somehow though I feel this year is different…do I say that every year?…embarking on my 40 before 40 challenge and the focus I’m giving it rather than just one area of my life, feels like an opportunity to really make some changes to my life…not least with that number 28 🙂

Progress has been quite good so far, bearing in mind I’m only month 1 into an 18 month challenge. However, I did expect this as I’m one of those people who starts off very quickly and then needs the motivation to keep going after the quick start. Think of me as Usain Bolt, and then think of Usain Bolt trying to run a marathon – not pretty!?

My 40 Before 40:

Updates to Share!

6. Learn to solve a rubiks cube

My little girl got a Rubiks Cube for Christmas from my lovely sister, so this was the perfect opportunity to get learning.

It turns out it’s all about algorithms and with the right method, anyone can learn to solve it. Although what I would have done without YouTube I don’t know – in fact, how did people do anything before the internet? It’s a distant memory now, the BI (Before Internet) times – can feel another blog coming on. The main video I used was this one from J Perm – thanks! https://youtu.be/7Ron6MN45LY

I did need another video to help me with the final bit which was getting the final coloured corners in the right place and this video helped with that https://youtu.be/e5Jj14gS6TI

So in essence, I can now solve a Rubiks Cube but with a huge amount of online help. I’m not planning on saying this one is done just yet…I need to learn the method so I can solve the cube any time without a video. Watch this space…

8. Attend the gym regularly

I’ve joined my local gym through PayAsUGym so that I can cancel at any time and also because I had a great half price offer as a new member. If you want the new member offer too and to look at the services they offer, use this link.

As for attending regularly, that’s been going really well. I’ve been going 3 times a week and doing my Couch to 5K app. The proof will be whether I’m still there by the end of February and even more so by the time I’m 40!!

11. Write a blog that other people read

Do my family count?? I now have 6 lovely followers – 4 family members and 2 that I don’t think I know. Thanks very much to you two – you’re very special to me 😉 I’ll try and improve the numbers as I write a bit more and hopefully can share that with other readers.

15. Change my hair

This one made the list because I went to my school 25 year reunion before Christmas and was very embarrassed to see my 15 year old self with the same hair I’ve got now! Whilst I have changed my hair a few times inbetween – the blonde do is one not to be repeated – I have also kept a very similar style for a good many of my 38 years.

Progress made…well sort of. I showed the hairdresser a picture of what I’d like and we’ve made a start by cutting my hair shorter but not short this time. This gives me chance to grow it a bit before my next appointment and perhaps we can start towards something new. Watch this space!

20. Attend a comedy night


This was on the list because it was something I used to enjoy a lot before children (BC) and I’ve not been to a comedy night with multiple comedians for years. I wanted to get back into it and having seen that Sally-Anne Hayward (a new favourite since seeing her with Sarah Millican) was making an appearance at an event near me in Keighley, I booked some tickets and turned up on Sunday night…a school night!!

Anyway, turns out that Sunday night in Keighley isn’t great..who would have guessed. Audience was full of old people, one very strange heckler with a stick and the ambience left a little to be desired as it was the train station cafe…little to no atmosphere and I wasn’t sure the comedians were quite sure where they’d been booked for 😉

Nonetheless, Sally-Anne Hayward was great, just as she was last time I saw her. Check out her upcoming dates here if you fancy a good laugh. I’ve previously referred to her as the “best kind of rude”/aka the funny kind.

Will I start going to comedy nights more often now? I will certainly look into it but I will try and be more selective with my venue choice next time. It would be good to have more than 30 people in the audience.