(Disclaimer: it was 50 days in when I originally started the post…it’s quite a few more now)

50 days since the launch of the challenge and I thought it was probably time for a progress update – as much for me as you readers as I need to ensure I’m still on track, or step it up if I’m not!

I feel like I’m going strong so far and I’m enjoying sharing the challenge with others. The best bit about talking about it, is the opportunity to discuss it with others, along with the lovely offers of help I’ve had – from sorting my teeth out to solving a Rubiks cube – so keep it up and if anyone reading the blog who doesn’t know me personally can help, I’m all ears 🙂

To summarise, 50 days in is just under 10% through the countdown to 40 (eek!!), which means I need to have completed 4 off the list by now…(suspense/drum roll, etc) and I have completed/on track for 6 – yey!!! Details below for those interested:

6. Learn to solve a Rubiks cube

I can now solve a Rubiks cube with no instructions or reminders. Whoop! I was close last time I did an update but now I can definitely do it, every time, no matter how much it’s been messed up and for proof if you need it – here’s the video

My little girl is very excited by a) me being able to solve her Rubiks Cube and b) me being on YouTube and her being able to watch me on the TV/iPad when she wants. It’s not the most exciting of videos but it is proof nonetheless.

13. Join a book club

This has been a revelation. I spoke to a friend on New Year’s Eve whilst partying like the big 38 year old, mum of two, party animal that I am. She suggested that I join her book club and after receiving the book list and thinking “no bloody way”, I reminded myself that this challenge is about pushing myself out of comfort zone and joined my first meeting in February.

I’ve since attended the March meeting too and can honestly say it was a fantastic thing to have done. I enjoy reading books but I’m not as keen on people, meaning that turning up to a meeting on my own clutching my copy of the book was definitely outside of my comfort zone. I need not have worried, the people in the group are so friendly and welcoming and the conversation has been non stop and enlightening, not least because the majority of the group are quite a few years older than me with some not insignificant life experience to share.

I’ve even loved trying books and finishing books that I wouldn’t have given a second look to – first book was Go Went Gone by Jenny Erpenbeck, followed by Between Silk and Cyanide by Leo Marks. Both very different and both hard to read in places but I felt very pleased to have finished them both and to be able to discuss the themes in more detail with such educated and worldly wise people at my book club.

8. Attend the gym regularly
11. Write a blog
20. Attend a comedy night
38. Don’t eat McDonalds without the kids

Others that I’ve made a start on but yet to finish:

9. Run a 10K – first I’m in training for a 5K, then moving on…thankfully I’ve got plenty of time 🙂
10. Do an obstacle course event – booked in for April – eek!
14. Climb a mountain – talked about it with my sister…that counts for making a start, right?
15. Change my hair – this one is absolutely doing my head in right now (see what I did there?) as I’m growing out my short style and I’m between appointments with a mop…GRRR!
17. Compete in a triathlon – planned (but not yet booked) for October
25. Watch a band/act live that I’ve not seen before – P!nk booked for June!
26. Invest in shares – got the paperwork, just need to get it signed and sent off…oh, and actually invest some money!
29. Read 20 books – I’m on track with this one, having read 4 books so far (ahead of schedule)
31. Finish reading Harry Potter – 2/7ths done 🙂 Starting the third book today
36. Learn to play a musical instrument – piano lessons started in January and I am currently working on mastering Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (nearly wrote Paw Patrol there as I’ve got that blaring in the background ;-))
40. Make a sustainable lifestyle change – I’ve given up Coca Cola for the period in the run up to my 40th but I’ve had some pushback on whether this is actually sustainable…and possibly pointless if I just start drinking it again when I’m 40…might change it – we will see

Which leaves me with quite a few still to complete/start but I’ll share my anxieties below about the ones I’m most concerned about doing:

1. Go Scuba Diving – hmm, didn’t really think this one through. There’s a place near where I live that teaches people but it’s going to take quite a time commitment…
2. Do Stand Up Comedy – I’ve always thought I could and should have a go at this but now I’ve actually challenged myself to do it, I’m getting colder feet than an eskimo 😉
3. Get on TV Quiz Show – might change it to radio or TV quiz show, then I can try and get on Popmaster or Sara Cox’s 21 questions…let’s see – probably one I need to start some work on
4. Learn a language – I’m planning on Spanish but another one I’d not really given much though to timing on…this could take a while! 5. Learn to play bridge – where to even start?!?
27. Be part of a flashmob/group event – not even sure that flashmobs are still a thing? I may need to go on a protest march against something instead – we’ll see, still plenty of time to get involved (isn’t there?)

I’ll check in again probably about 100 days as I’m sure you’ll be on tenterhooks until then, wondering how I’m getting on. Wish me luck!