Wow, a quarter of the way through my 40 before 40 challenge! That time seems to have passed by really quickly and in other ways, it seems like only yesterday I was setting up the list.

The big question…am I on track? Basic maths would tell you (and me) that I would need to have completed 10 of my 40 challenges by this point. So have I done that?

In my last update, I was very close to completing 6 of the challenges which I won’t repeat here as you can have a read through that blog post if you like this one. So how am I doing now…drum roll please…I have completed 9 (eek!!)- details of all I’ve completed are on my original blog post about the challenge

Some details below of the most recent/updated completions:

7. Join a netball team

This one came a little out of the blue. My partner saw an advert on facebook for a ‘Back To Netball’ league starting in our area and sent me the details, I signed up and got placed in a team in the league. I’ve played 3 games now and I’m really enjoying it – so pleased I pushed myself to do it. We aren’t playing at a great standard and we’ve only won one of the matches but I’m having fun and I even put myself forward to be the captain, so pushing out of my comfort zone some more.

8. Attend the gym regularly

I have had to revise this one slightly as I started out with all good intentions but once the weather improved, I balked at paying Β£20 per month for the gym when I could just use the outside world to train in. So, I’m exercising regularly (on average 3 times per week according to Strava…and that doesn’t include my netball!) which I think ticks the box here.

I have also maintained this for the whole of the first quarter of the challenge, which whilst it doesn’t mean I can tick it off just yet, does mean that I have proved to myself that I can keep it up. I’m also starting to notice a little more toning on my body (in between the donut and chocolate bellies) which is always a good incentive to carry on.

10. Complete an obstacle course event

This happened in April – I ran the Gung Ho 5K in Leeds. I put this on the list because it’s yet another thing that I’ve always seen and thought would be fun but never bothered to sign up for one.

I completed it with a couple of friends, unfortunately one of whom fell and tore her ankle ligaments during the event, so she doesn’t look back on it with much excitement whilst she’s at home with her foot in a protective boot! However, despite her injury, I did complete the course and enjoyed the challenge of running and interspersing the running with climbing over large inflatable obstacles whilst also feeling like a little kid on the slide down from the highest points.

I won’t be in a rush to do another now but pleased to have knocked it off the list. You can even see a picture of me in my bandana if you like πŸ™‚

After completing Gung Ho -wearing the t-shirt and bandana (that’s the done thing isn’t it?)

Others that I am working on and likely to complete during this first half of the challenge:

9. Run a 10K – I’m running a 5K now every time I train and I’ve done 9 Parkruns in total. I’m now on the 10K Beginners programme, due to finish in 6 weeks and apparently then I should be able to run a 10K. Time to get one booked – if anyone is doing one they think I should try – feel free to comment and share 14. Climb a mountain – still talking about it with my sister (whilst she has completed 3 of them!!) and whittled it down to either Scafell Pike or Snowdon. Again if anyone has any tips on when to go and which of the 2 to attempt, let me know in the comments. 15. Change my hair – still in that annoying stage of growth right now…next appointment end of May where I’m hoping for some progress…! 17. Compete in a triathlon – not booked it yet but planning to do a Go Tri in October – it’s basically a shorter version of a proper triathlon. Will decide if it counts when I’ve done it πŸ˜‰ 25. Watch a band/act live that I’ve not seen before – well, I’ve seen Tina Turner tribute and Whitney Houston tribute but I’m not going to count them! This one will be complete when I see P!nk in June (if all goes to plan)

I won’t share with you again the ones I’m most concerned about but rest assured, there’s still plenty on the list that require some effort and focus from me in the next few months!

Wish me luck and if anyone fancies writing a comment to keep me going or just so I know I’ve got at least one reader, that would be lovely πŸ™‚ See you next time!