One month to go…

Wow! I cannot believe how quickly this time has gone since I started the blog, and now I’ve got less than a month until the big 4-0.

Things have been a bit slower recently, due to that small issue of a worldwide lockdown, which means I’ve not managed everything I had planned on the list, mainly because as in my life, I had left quite a few things to do to the last minute.

Anyway, in terms of what is still to achieve, I have 16 things on the list. In good news, I’m pretty sure I can do some in the next month…fingers crossed! Let’s take a look at what I can cross off if I focus:

Get on TV quiz show (amend to radio quiz show)…I’m going to apply for Popmaster on Radio 2…

Learn a language – I’ve been doing Duolingo Spanish and think I could get by in Spain now as long as I’m in a school, restaurant or asking someone about their pets or family…I’ll carry on until my birthday and see where I’m at then

Enter a writing competition – can anyone help with a link to one? I’ve seen poetry competition but poetry isn’t really my thing. Let me know 🙂

Watch opera and watch ballet – whilst this was supposed to be ‘live’ performances, I’ve subscribed to Sky during lockdown and Sky Arts shows live recordings of Ballet and Operas, so I’m going to tune in

Make something creative – currently thinking along the lines of making the Labo Nintendo Switch robot with Lucy…alternatively, I’ll give myself the reworking of an old piece of furniture 🙂

Yoga class – loads online, just need to join one

Which will leave me with 9 things I don’t think I have a chance of doing before I’m 40:

Go Scuba Diving

Learn to play bridge

Climb a mountain

Get teeth improved

Be part of a flashmob/group event

Have a spa day

Try a sport I’ve never played before

Learn to play a musical instrument


If anyone reading has any ideas how to make any of these happen in lockdown, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.